Support for Broadsoft Push-to-talk and Group Paging



neither of these features works currently on the DP752/730, as it doesn’t use an alert-info header.

instead, it appears the Broadsoft platform uses:
call-info: <Sip:IP-address-here>;answer-after=0
for both of these features.

since Grandstream was large enough to have a prominent booth at Broadsoft Connections conference, supporting Broadsoft Push-to-talk and Group Paging should be supported features…


Could you please try enable below option:

Also, to fully use Broadsoft feature, you may want set the special feature to Broadsfot as below:




I have both of those set, and yet it doesn’t work.
PTT just rings like normal and does not auto-answer
Group Paging simply hangs up once other devices answer the page.


any update on this, @Shawn-GSSupport424 ?
this one is a must if we are to support the 752/730 on our network.


Hi Stephen,
If this is a deal breaker, could you please contact our sales team? we support team can file a feature request to SW team, but I cannot control the priority and allocate SW team resource. We might need more detail about these features. If they are just using call info, then the Allow auto answer by call-info/Alert info should be working, there must have some other signals that we don’t know.

call-info: <Sip:IP-address-here>;answer-after=0