Support for BLF keys


Since you can scroll right and see system stats, it would be nice to be able to swipe another direction to see a BLF page for common use features (the top one that comes to mind is PARK).


It would be good (IMO) to, once you are on a call, and press the TRANSFER softkey to be able to program one of the two left softkeys for PARK. This would be a simple operation instead of dialing (say 700 on the UCM) to park a call


I really think Park needs to be a one button press. Perhaps it can be on a softkey when you are on a call?


I agree for UCM, but that’s not always an option on other systems. For example, the other systems we use these phones on, we deploy 3 or 6 PARK slots and users park directly to those slots via BLF. Sure, you can transfer to 7701-7706, but that’s sloppy, and although we do have auto assignment on 7700, there still should be BLF button support for it on the display (one softkey doesn’t cut it in this case, but yes that would be good for UCM and similar deployments).



We will evaluate the suggestion of adding BLF keys to the WP800. While we are on this topic, do you guys think its feasible to have BLF support on this device similar to say the VPKs on GXP21xx? I believe adding BLF will increase the overall complexity of the device. If its not achievable, would the ability to configure a softkey for park be a good alternative?


The same app wouldn’t be able to be ported over since there’s obviously no touchscreen. If it’s navigated by left-right off the home screen, then the only controls available are up/down (so it’d have to be a scrolling list). Not sure how you’d access it while on a call (probably a softkey called VPKs - oh, please let us rename that, but at least it’d follow the format used on the 21xx).

You’ll still need a softkey for park for deployments that need a single park code (like the UCM typically does), but for deployments that have direct zone access, you’ll still need simulated buttons for it so you can see status as well as direct transfer to those zones.


I agree that probably adding VPK for BLFs would end up being complex for such a small portable phone. It would be nice to be able to have two configurable soft keys (that are not currently used) after pressing the TRANSFER softkey that could be PARK, ATTENDANT, PARK ORBIT ZONE or whatever you needed them to be…

TRANSFER would need to be engaged before any of those actions anyway, and pressing two keys (TRANSFER then PARK) would be an easy one “thumb” action to convey the call to the destination.

We completely agree that keeping the phone from being complex is vital…


Park usually has the transfer function built into it on the other devices…


I don’t think a user should have to transfer to get the a Call Park button. After all, the Call Park button was setup to avoid the need to transfer to ext 700…





Yes there are UI and navigation concerns as well as increasing overall complexity. Thanks for the feedbacks.


The more it can be customized in general, the better. In our case, most of our customers will not be on UCM devices and will not even be on the same LAN as their PBX . So anything that relies on Multicast, Zero Config, or UCM-specific things will be of little value.

Having the “options” screen while on a call gives an easy place to build virtual VPKs - meaning, you could just scroll to select what you want and have the phone administrator add as many as they need. No hardware button changes required.