Supervision FXO on GXP1628


Hello everyone ;
I need help for supervision of a fxo line on a GXP1628 extension


you cannot connect an fxo to a GXP6125 and no IP phone


I need to configure the supervision of the state of a fxo port on BLF example key


if you don’t write the scenario, it’s gonna be hard to help you out.

you have to look up “SLa” in the UCM manual


outside line key programming (PSTN) on GRANDSTREAM GXP1628


I’ll be happy to help you out if you write the details as requested above.

good job


You are looking for SLA in the manual as suggested by Damiano. Unlike some other systems where a FXO line or other is internally set with a extension like number that you could set with a BLF and be done with it, such is not the case here. It can be done, but requires some setting changes in the UCM as well.