SuperUser Block Admin User from GDMS settings




I’m administrating a UCM for a customer who has requested full login to the system. No problem, when I setup as Superuser and give them admin user rights, they cannot see the backup settings or password. However, they are able to see the GDMS password and settings.

My suggestion is to include the GDMS settings as something that is not visible to the admin user, same as the backup settings. At least to include this as something that can be added.


They may or may not depending on how you set that option in the later firmwares.

I would think this should also be selectable option.


I’m running The only selectable options for the admin level is Backup and Update.

IMHO, these options shouldn’t be viewable. If I have another tech who I want to have access to thing on GDMS, I’ll setup a sub user for that tech.


That is what I was referring to. And I agree with both your statement above and the fact that we should be able to do the same with GDMS options.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! When users assign the permissions to the GDMS account, for example, admin account, users can set the permissions of each module to the account. In your case, the GDMS account settings and password settings are only for the “admin account” in your case, not for the Superuser account. These options are only for the current account owner. Let me know if you have any suggestions about this feature.

Thank you for your testing!

Thank you!


@GSSupport74 I believe what we are referring to here are settings in the UCM itself; access to the UCM Web GUI where the interconnection to GDMS is configured. Hence the change needed is on the UCM.

Thank you for your support.


OK, got it! Thanks for your clarification! Let me know if you have any other feedback about GDMS platform.

We will post these comments in the UCM section in the forum. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!