Super basic (I hope) IP addressing question


I feel that to configure my DP750 cordless base station it needs to be connected to the UCM6204 PBX appliance. I need to be able to do so regardless if that’s necessary, so that I can work on it with the system in place. Question: How do I get to it?

So far what I have done is unplugged and replugged cables so that the DP750 is on the same subnet as the PBX. That way I can get to it, log in, configure. But that is not the installed topology. I need to log into it when in the installed topology.

My PBX appliance has been assigned an address of It has in turn assigned an address to the DP750 of Obviously I cannot use a browser to get to that address directly. What I do not know is how to determine the address whereby I can get to and log in to the DP750. Articles that describe IP addressing go to the general case and aren’t helpful to me. But this is a very specific setup that Grandstream users ought to be familiar with, and so my hope is that someone can just tell me how to get to the DP750 while it is downstream of the UCM6204.

Thank you for any clues.


I sounds like your UCM is in Route mode vs Switch mode and that your Internet connection is going in the UCM WAN port while the base station is connected to the UCM LAN port.

If this is correct, and there is no reason for the UCM to be in Route mode, change the UCM over to Switch mode,


Thank you, I was then able to log in to both the UCM and the DP. The UCM doesn’t operate as a PBX as it did now, though, so I probably have a lot of reconfiguring to figure out. Thanks.