SUGGESTION: WEB GUI Preferred Vocoder choices do not offer a NONE or NOT USED


Under ACCOUNT X> AUDO SETTINGS> Preferred Vocoder -choice X does not offer a choice of NONE or NOT USED if there are no more than choice 1 of CODECS.

I realize that you could probably just set the CODEC on all choices to PCMU (and the GUI WILL let you set them all to the same) however, it seems like it would be “cleaner” if there was a selection to limit the “choices”


Having this option may also make the SIP packet smaller since there are less options to send (assuming each option is sent even if they are all the same.


Dear drostoker,

If all audio codecs are set to PCMU, when the phone sends out INVITE, the SDP will just have one line for PCMU. It won’t have duplicate options sent out in the SIP packet:)

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Thank you for sharing that information @grandstream. I did not know that.


Thanks alatarus. We will report this for evaluation.