[SUGGESTION] Slimline case for the phone


We can see these phones being carried about factory floors, manufacturing lines, medical centers, and lots of other places with lots of traffic.

As a suggestion, consider a protective case of some sort, even if it’s just a leather sleeve to make the phone a little easier to hang on to and a little less likely to get dinged, scratched, or broken when it bangs against things.

Hardware feedback

We were thinking of a “holster” style belt clip to safety support the phone and allow easy retrieval for use…


Similar thoughts, I guess. It’s hard to find a perfect example of what we were thinking, but something similar to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kyocera-Duraforce-Pro-E6810-E6820-Black-Kickstand-Case-with-Belt-Clip-Holster/401457365357



We will evaluate the suggestion.



I was thinking something more like this:

It has a magnetic closure, and already lays the phone horizontal…


IMHO it would be nice having something custom made with the Grandstream logo on it.


Never liked horizontal holsters. That’s why we prefer ratcheting clips that let you decide for yourself.


It would be custom, as that one doesn’t even fit the phone - I was just saying “something like that”.


Oh yes, agreed. It would have to be custom. I think both you and I were simply pointing out examples of styles.


And I was only trying to add some features I thought it might/should have:

  • Custom fit

  • GS Logo


Agreed. And now I’m just replying because I don’t want to do any real work while we are all waiting to leave early to go see Deadpool 2. :slight_smile: