[SUGGESTION] Lock screen and optional PIN code


If you hold the power button, you get three options: power off, reboot, or cancel. If you press the power button again, it acts as a cancel.

Our suggestion is to take the third button that says “cancel” at this stage and change it to “lock.” Then enable a mode where an optional PIN needs to be entered in order to unlock the phone keypad.



Interesting suggestion. We think that it may conflict with the existing lock screen design. We will evaluate the suggestion.



My colleague was suggestion this as a replacement for the existing lock screen. Since it seems that the current lock screen is completely gone once it is disabled, and there is no way to lock the phone.



I think what your colleague is suggesting is that we change the lock screen activation design so instead of pressing the end call or waiting for a time out, the user would have to hold down the end call key and select “lock.” Let me know if this is the intended suggestion.



Maybe not “instead of” but “in addition to.”



We will evaluate the request.