Suggestion: have an AUDIO OUT port on the device


Some of your competition in this market gives you an “AUDIO OUT” port/connection so you can connect some additional self-amplified speakers to this unit, allowing you to cover a larger room with announcements, even if talkback is not desired in the larger area.


Or at least an option to use the AUX input as speaker out. Like the red/black cables.


+1 Yes, this helps for larger rooms


I am not in on the testing of the device, so am uncertain of all its features so…

I understand the device supports bluetooth, does this possibly support the external speaker need?
Not trying to diminish the request for a port, but curious if the bluetooth function was meant to accommodate speakers as well.


In the webinar they mentioned that the port can be used for IN or OUT, so I’ll connect a speaker and will look for a setting to enable that port.


I was thinking that the existing “port” is a basic connection that can sense a closure (call button) or be able to initiate a closure (when call is initiated to speaker, i.e strobe)

But I could well be mistaken


I really wished the port could be used for audio, but now that I see the settings the options are:

  • Play a pre-recorded audio,
  • place a call,
  • or start recording audio (and who knows when it will stop recording).


@cyfo, I am not part of the Beta, but if I understand you correctly, this device cannot be used to feed an existing (or other) analogue PA speaker or amp. Is that correct?

IMHO, without this feature, this device will have really limited applications and we will continue to need to use other devices like the Algo 8180 or SNOM PA1, etc.


That is correct. Other than using Bluetooth, you cannot.

The AUX port seems to be used only for switches or things like that. Either using a closed or open circuit.

I made a test using small cables and it worked at least, nice for Push-to-Call buttons.


Wow. Disappointed to say the least.


This is true (would love to get rid of the SNOM PA-1)…

What I was more considering with an AUDIO OUT, is, for a school, a hallway, or a large cafeteria Have the 3510 as the “PRIME” unit, then being able to bring the audio out to a chain of self amplified analog speakers.

However, since you mentioned the ALGO 8180, we really would like to utilize the 3510 as a “loud ringer device” but, I am not seeing a way to allow RINGING (even though there are plenty of setups for ringtones). I do not see ANY settings for AUTO ANSWER or UTO ANSWER INTERCOM/PAGING


I guess there would always be the “manual” audio out port (with a cable and a set of scotch-locks…


@alatarus, I agree. In my case, I tend to need this for warehouses and external door phone ringers.

Personally, I don’t see as much use (if any in my case) for this device given this significant limitation.

I hope they can fix this in firmware.



An AUX port for larger spaces would be great addition. Product is pretty loud if background noise is low or in an office with suspended ceiling. Concrete warehouse it seems to get lost.


Dear all,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Actually, the GSC3510 product is an independent SIP Intercom Speaker/Microphone device. If we need to use it to cover a larger area, it could support multiple devices to listen to the same multicast content.

Kindly let me know if any questions.

Best Regards,


@gssupport699, yes, that is great is I was doing a brand new installation. However, almost all my installs are conversions from analogue/digital PBXs to VoIP. Therefore the overhead speakers already exist and I need a way to interconnect. This product would be a great option for that (and keep it all Grandstream) if Grandstream added what cannot be more than a $1s worth of parts to the device.

As currently configured I do not foresee much use for this device in my environments.

Just saying…


^— This. We’ve done one SIP speaker install from scratch. At a new school. We’ve done…well, lots of conversions from existing PA systems to VoIP and most of them use an ATA to keep existing wiring and feed the FXS port out to the amp for the PA system.

We were quite excited by this beta but after our initial testing (which got off to a slow start due to some awkward work schedules) we’re finding it to be less than perfect for our expected use cases.

More later…


As stated before I also see more use for an “Audio Out” port than to the current “signal input port”. The signal input ports tries to push it to be used as an intercom, and the audio port simply strengthens its position as PA. And as suggested by @drostoker, the hardware should be easy to add (in the future.)


I’m totally in favor of this.