Suggestion and question

  • The quickstart guide says to enter https://ipaddress:portnumber in a web browser, but it doesn’t mention looking in the Web Info menu on the front panel to find out what port to go to
  • I’m confused how to tell incoming calls to go to the PBX. I see the Inbound Routes settings, but nothing in there points it to the PBX.
    Couple more things:
  • Is there a way to have the GXW4501 use LLDP-MED to set itself to the proper VLAN?
  • The two ethernet ports are labeled WAN and LAN, but the only option in Network Settings is for Switch mode. Will Router mode be added at some point?


Hi, Dustin Heimerl,

For first question, just input IP in your broswer and it will redirect you to default https port.
For inbound route, it’s for inbound in either SIP interafce or T1/E1 interface. And in outbound route, you can choose where to exit, for example the trunk to your PBX.

For LLDP-MED, it’s not supported yet. But request has been submit for review.
For router mode, yes, you will see it in the coming release.


How do you make the different inbound routes to different outbound routes? Is it possible to have 1 PRI and have it split between 2 PBXes? Each PBX would have an outbound route and you could do an inbound route for each DID, but how do you tell it which PBX to go to?


In Outbound route setting, you will be able to define which SIP trunk to go.