Suggest Enhanced Alias Editor in GDMS


With the introduction of Alias provision (which basically is a form of a markup language), I think Grandstream should introduce an enhanced editor that is designed to create and edit a markup language, something similar to on of the many HTML editors out their (yest HTML can be coded in a text editor, but it is much easier and less error prone to use an editor deigned for this purpose).

The enhanced editor should have

  • Built-in formatting for indenting levels of code

  • Verification for matching opening and closing parameters (similar to checking for matching opening and closing parenthesis)

  • Perhaps validation that the alias entered is a valid one

  • Perhaps a drop-down of valid parameter values that can be entered based on what you are entering

  • etc (I am sure some of the coders here will have other things that they rely on for such structured coding)

I think this will help immensely when needing to do manual coding.


Like that idea. +1 here
I use an IDE that does that for several languages and helps. Much better than the ounched cards we had at university back in the 70’s


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

Thank you for your nice suggestions! We are working on improving the Text Editor in GDMS platform. Besides P values, we have plan to improve Text Editor to support Alias in the future version. For other enhancements, I will save your suggestions for future evaluation, they are very useful for professional users.

Thank you!