Sudden falls on UCM and VoIP Trunk


always :slight_smile:


WIth NAT set trunk (nat) must be disabled. It generate a lot of problems.


depends on the situation, if the NAT on the router is done well and if the infrastructure allows it should be disabled. This is not always the case.


however the problem of sudden falls in conversation seems to me to read on the web that they are a problem of Asterisk. Many complain about this problem.


Latest NAT 1.0.19.++ work perfectly, i have never had a problem with it if ALG is off and forward is done correctly.


Unfortunately not, even with version 19 I detect the problem, perhaps less obvious than the 18 but persists. In fact, the 18 is more stable than the 19 in my opinion. I hope for a brief and decisive update.


I share Marcin’s comment. I am always behind NAT and I do not think I have had NAT enabled on a trunk for at least a couple of years and have had very little issue.

I am following one system, it had an issue on a recent load similar to what is being reported. I was getting SIP trunk registration failures via the UCM event notifications. It is sitting behind a GWN router. The client rebooted the router and the issue was resolved. It happened one more time and I was able to get into the UCM and do a trace and discovered that no REGISTER requests were being sent. The settings were set to always send. I simply edited a trunk, made no changes and then save and apply and this resolved the issue on both trunks (both were down). This was about a month ago and I have had no issues since but am waiting for the next time.

What is unusual, is that it is the only UCM doing this and one of 3 that I have behind a GWN (I have since discontinued the use of the GWN pending further GS development and it is not related to OpenVPN). All are on UPS systems and all are new installs.

It’s a wait game at this point.


That’s why I wrote above that not being a stable problem you have to do the tests and wait, and not neglect even the obvious things.
To me the problem does it only on 2 UCM (fw 19) and the problem occurs at random, example for 10 days is all regular.
So when I read “I’ve solved” I smile, I’d be careful, I’d be very happy that I or someone solves it, but it’s useless to delude myself and then go back to the starting point. :slight_smile:


I’m updating you, I’ve greatly reduced the chances of a sudden fall in conversation (“bye” for no reason), but there are still cases.
I understand that on the fw 18 it still appears, sporadically, on the 19 it seems rare that it happens (so far it has not happened to me yet on the fw 19).
I am optimistic but I would like to know if it still happens to you and the scenario.
As a professional I wish that there were never any problems, even if perfection does not exist :slight_smile: