Substitution in GS Wave Dialplan


Hello all,

I am trying to configure the dialplan to support 10 digit dialing and 7 digit dialing within a specific area code. I’m trying to use the dialplan from an HT503 but have figured out that the GS Wave software does not like how the substitution is done. It does not like the <>=

{ *xxx |*75xx|<=1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx | <=1318>[2-9]xxxxxx | <=1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx| [49]11}

Can anyone provide the correct syntax for the dialplan to automatically add 1318 to any 7 digit number dialed and 1 to any 10 digit number dialed? I’ve reviewed the docs and it does not say how to accomplish this. Page 58 hints that it can be done but the how to is missing.


you can either use the following syntax or modify it to suit specific routes…


{ *xxx |*75xx|1[24-9]xxxxxx|1318[2-9]xxxxxx|[49]11}

I think that was what you were trying to achieve…



Thanks for the reply Scott. I still get number does not match dialplan when I try and call a 7 digit or a 10 digit number. If the dialplan sees a 7 digit number I want it to add 1318 and if it sees a 10 digit number I want it to add a 1. That way the phone will dial like a regular landline within the 318 area code. The HT503 does it quite handily, lol!


Chris actually name is Kevin, last name is Scott ergo Scott’s IP

Anyway - try this { *xxx |*75xx |<=1> [2-9]xxxxxxxxx | <=1318> [2-9]xxxxxx | <=1> [2-9]xxxxxxxxx| [49]11 }

It seems to allow that format in my HT814 - i think the issue you faced was spacing between the prepend and the number format.



Thanks Kevin,

You rock Sir! That got it! The GS Wave is not nearly as forgiving as the HT503 is.