Streaming music-on-hold


Is there a way the UCM63xx can stream music on hold from the web? We have a client that is doing this with another asterisk PBX that we set up for them more than 5 years ago. Just wondering if the UCM can do this as well as we have other customers that could use it.


No. Most on the market do not support it. While there are a one or two that do, those that do not are concerned about:

  1. The stream requires constant transcoding which places an additional full-time load on the PBX.
  2. The extra load requires the manufacturer to increase the performance level of the PBX to accommodate and then it becomes a question of how many streams might come into play and what will the effect be on the other functions that the PBX has to accommodate? This will increase the cost to all.
  3. End-users are likely to use copyrighted material which could subject the end-users to some legal threats/issues. While the same argument can be made for those that upload music, the issue here is that one must consciously perform that act and there is quite a bit of open source and other that can be had (free or at reasonable prices) that do not violate copyright. Streaming is almost always copyrighted and will require permission and/or licensing.

Grandstream has never supporting streaming and 3CX, as an example and which did support it, removed it a number of years ago.


Just an FYI, Yeastar just added streaming capability to the P Series with the latest release of firmware.


Yep, I am aware, it was added about a week ago and I also support that brand. Epygi has it as well. I stated that most do not support streaming which is still the case.


I wholehearted disagree with @lpneblett. This is a “common” feature amongst many cloud PBX manufacturers and providers, Asterisk or otherwise. Yes there is small overhead, but as with any service moderation is key. Ex: Limit the number of active streams to perhaps three, or only open the stream channel on demand when needed, such as for music-on-hold.

We’ve connected many in the past to We have several radio stations on our networks that stream via CloudStream and subsequently use their own stream for their own music-on-hold on their hosted PBX.

+1 on this feature request. We can make our own decision as to whether to use it or not based on our own circumstances and responsibilities.


I should have clarified that rather than using the term “market” or “one or two” as I was using the same context of the UCM being an on-premise based solution and not cloud. My apologies if misleading.

My responses are my experience working with a vendor’s engineering group and the reasons given as to why they removed it. I was not clear on that point. In other posts I had given more of the details of the exchange and also echoed your sentiments about the choice being removed leaving those who had in the past without recourse and if it was a resource issue, then that was an easy solution as 3CX is not an appliance. I lost 2 clients as a result of the decision to remove it.

I am not suggesting, nor have I, that it would not be a welcome feature, as it certainly is.

I do not deny that there are some systems that will support it and of those that are hosted, here is a listing of the ones that do not (Nov/21.) -

  • 8 X 8
  • Vonage
  • Ring Central
  • GoTo Connect
  • 3CX
  • Ooma Office
  • Aircall
  • Comcast
  • Cox
  • Weave
  • Grasshopper
  • Five9
  • Teams
  • twillio
  • Dialpad
  • NICE in contact
  • Genesys Cloud
  • Avaya OneCloud

And the ones that do -

  • Bicom Systems
  • NetExpress
  • Nextiva
  • OnSIP
  • Sparkplug IP
  • TPX
  • Vodia
  • Voneto ePlatform

On-Premise Systems that support streaming -

  • Allworx
  • Avaya (Aura Media Server)
  • Epygi
  • Fortinet/Fortivoice
  • FreePBX
  • FreeSWITCH
  • Genesys Engage, PureConnect
  • Mitel MiVoice
  • Yeastar S50, S100, S300
  • Xorom, which also expresses the same concerns about utilization.
    ** most Asterisk based derivatives of which a number are a take of FPBX.

Some of the premise systems can also be hosted, in which case they likely also support streaming MOH and I am sure that its possible that the listing is not complete and/or that the some changes to the listing have occurred.

If I gave the impression that I was not in favor of streaming MOH or that legal and technical issues precluded its use, that was not my intention, but rather my interpretation of why more were not offering, which I think is still quite true.