strategy option for extension



When using the strategy option, and choosing the local subnet option seems to populate the wan interface ip address instead of the lan network subnet.

Possibly is a bug but thought it best to alert here as an improvement in the following way.

Have a choice of any, external ip, lan subnet or wan subnet


Local, Lan, Wan, both, or CIDR notation woukd he great. Thanks.


The current “input field” works great because we can put remote networks connected via VPN.


Granted however the local subnet option doesn’t use the Lan address it uses the Wan subnet ip address. This is extremely bad if you are trying to prevent external sources from the system - like that of being able to prevent external registration of the system.


Like I said, I’d rather do away with local/lan/wan/whatever and just have CIDR blocks you could add. 16 would likely suffice.


The Yeastar MyPBX and ZyCoo range of systems allow for CIDR, Yeastar allow for multiple CIDR and also have another useful setting which is Remote Registration which I believe also manages the RTP settings for the extension.


Funny - we just got spam mail from Yeastar about their new PBX. Never gotten email from them in the past, so I wonder if they might be trolling these forums for users. :slight_smile:

“Here comes the introduction of our S20 PBX, which is based on Freescare CPU and newest Asterisk 13.0.0 version. It is a small IP PBX phone system that can handle up to 20 sip trunks, 20 extension users and 10 cocurrent calls. It also includes voicemail, voicemail to email, call recording, IVR, Call queue, and many other popular features. Flexible modular design enable to support FXS/FXO, GSM, BRI, PRI interface. It comes with three-year warranty out of the box. That will be the best option for small business, small office, or even residential customers.”


I bet they all go to the same bars and talk to each other or frequent the same events to network ideas etc…

Anyway… my cidr mention was to back up what the other vendors were providing…


ALLOT of the the new Yeastar staff is actually people who left 3cx and they are trying to pickup where they feel 3cx has started to fall short. And yes they are doing a big push in the US to get their name out there.

In the end it is another Asterisk based PBX with a custom gui with some addons they have created for their use. The VERY NICE thing about this is that a product like that can help push companies like GrandStream to further their development to show why they are the best choice for your needs.


Indeed. That’s why I pasted what I pasted. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, they also said “Last but not least, NFR units with 10% discounts off is available in this month!” :slight_smile:


30% for open beta would be more palatable … :slight_smile:


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