Still not understanding "RINGTONE" settings


I am still not quite understanding the reasoning for “ringtone” settings, if the 3510 has not way to disable AUTO-ANSWER, how would a ringtone be generated…

I still hold out hope that GRANDSTREAM will add the ability to disable AUTO-ANSWER in each of the SIP ACCOUNTS. This would make the 3510 MUCH more usable and marketable with only a slight change in the programming!


Grandstream uses confusing terms sometime. Ring tone is also the tone that is played to the caller when the phone is ringing at the other end. So this gives you the ability to specify a European ring tone or an American ring tone or crickets chirping, or whatever you want while waiting for the other end to answer, when you’re making a call from the GSC3510.


I was REALLY hoping that there was going to be a way to utilize this as a loud ringer, in addition to a speaker…


Any update to this?


It should be noted that the answering rule of the account is higher than [Blacklist/Hitachi/Greylist]