Status change on Wave App triggers an operation that needs to be applied on UCM6300



If a user is logged in via Wave App, and tries to change their status on the app (eg: Available to In a Meeting, etc) nothing happens. But such actions trigger an operation which must be applied by the administrator on the web console, and once it’s applied, then the status will be changed.

Is it by-design? Does anyone else have the same issue?
The firmware on the PBX is, and the app is (Android).

Thanks in advance.


Dear user,

Thank you for using Wave application! If the user does not enable Cloud IM function in the UCM, the user cannot adjust the status in the Wave application. You can go to your UCM63xx’s Web UI -> System settings -> Cloud IM to enable the services. You can find the settings in your GDMS platform account. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!