Staging phones in GDMS prior to deployment


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GDMS works well if you use it properly. The process we use is

  1. Add users and MAC address on the pbx
  2. Add the provisioning server path to the device or a template
  3. Plug the handset in and it provisions.

No need to add devices manually to GDMS as our distributor does this for us whenever we buy new stock. Its easier than


I have distributors like this for yealink as well.
My thing is if you use GDMS you have to work a lot inputting data in templates make it zero touch.

In you only need to add the MAC address and set up the provisioning server.

You 3 steps make it easier because of your distributor. What if you have existing grandstream clients and wants to utilize the GDMS? You will have to input Mac, serial and device registration information to provision the device.

For yealink, all I need is MAC address that’s the big difference.


I ask the distributor to add these devices to GDMS

In you only need to add the MAC address and set up the provisioning server.

Exactly the same with GDMS. Add the p values to the template to point to the provisioning server and it provisions…or use GAPS to provision. As easy as Yealink


hey man rtl.

Thanks so much, It made me explore more and found away to get the pcode in!
thanks again.


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What distributor are you using? I’ve tried to get Grandstream to do this automatically, and so far, they haven’t been able to automate it.


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Thanks for all your feedback! If you do not have the ERP code to use Channel module to import the devices to your GDMS account, you can send your device’s MAC address and your GDMS account to us so that we can help you to associate the devices to the GDMS platform account for now. We will also improve GDMS platform and GDMS Admin Portal in the future release so that we can help the user to add devices to the GDMS platform account easier. Thanks for all your testing!

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BNS Distribution -


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Thank you for your feedback! We noticed that you have 10+ devices which have been associated to the GDMS platform and you also have 2 GDMS accounts. 1 GDMS account has no linked devices. Do you want us to help you to transfer the devices? If so, please send the MAC addresses of the devices and we will help you to do that asap. We will also improve the GDMS Admin Portal which will allow the GDMS platform administrator to help our users to assign the devices in an easier way. Thanks for your testing!

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Thanks for the response. I’m in the US, but it’s good to hear that the channel partner assignment is working somewhere.


Originally I had a GDMS account then when the option to move it to eugdms came about I moved everything over as GDPR was stronger hence why there’s an account with no devices


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