SSL certificate installation



I’m having real trouble getting an SSL certificate installed into a UCM 6202 HTTPS web server.

I can upload the private key and a certificate without any trouble.

However, I can see no way to add the intermediate and root certificates.

I’ve tried appending them to the .pem file, but the UCM does not recognise them - the certificate will install, but when I run an online check for correct installation, it fails due to trust.

I’ve spent hours on this!

Any help appreciated.


First the files need to be in the right format. It’s not simply renaming the file extension.

Also, the Root CA is not needed as all browsers have it built-in, however the Intermediate is and should be prepended to the Cert file.

I managed to get this working once but it was a pain in the a**. I wish they made a file upload that convert the files accordingly.


I am using PEM files - from the XCA windows utility.

This thing is driving me mad - I generally don’t have too many issues with certificate installation on other devices. However, the UCM6202 has me stuck!