Speed dial error


Hello, when I use speed dial (00, 01, 02 or 03, an ad says that “your call cannot be established at this time, try again later”)
Try again and in this occasion the call can already be established correctly.

the configuration on the speed dial is like this
“external number” followed by the 10-digit telephone number

please help

Hola, cuando uso la marcación rápida (00, 01, 02 o 03, un anuncio dice que “su llamada no se puede establecer en este momento, intente nuevamente más tarde”)
Intente nuevamente y en esta ocasión la llamada ya se puede establecer correctamente.

la configuración en el marcado rápido es así
“número externo” seguido del número de teléfono de 10 dígitos

por favor ayuda


first speed dial only performs the associated selection, secondly I recommend different speed dial numbers, example 611 onwards.
Example 611 -> 034567899
so 611 simply recomposes 034567899
You must first check that the outgoing rules are correct, then associate the speed dial.
So in my example make sure you can dial 034567899 correctly then create the rest.


Good afternon
Thanks for answering
I already use different numbers on the speed dial

I use 01 to call for example 10-digit number

02 for another number of 10 digits.
example 1234567892

when I dial the number 00 or 02

"your call cannot be established at this time, try again later ”
for every 10 times that speed dial 4 is used, they fail

when I dial the full number
the call is completed immediately

the configuration of outbound router is :

Is there another way to verify the speed dial feature?


I’ve already written on you like I would


“So in my example make sure you can dial 034567899 correctly then create the rest.”

I can dial using the ten digits of the number, the call is completed correctly

I’m afraid I don’t know how to solve the problem :frowning:


Does it do this on all phones or just yours?


if you are sure that the x-digit number is dialed correctly, all you have to do is assign the speed dial to that number.
I think you are using speed dial numbers that conflict with the internal numbering or something else.
Make sure you are using unused numbers, e.g. 611,612 etc.


sorry for answering now, but I am confirming if it is just with a phone or if they are all, to be very sure of what I say.
It has only been a person who has informed me


If they are being marked, I am sure.
If I understand that it is only a matter of putting the speed dial followed by the 10-digit number.
internal numbering? refers to extensions, these are examples of three digits 200,205 …
300,318 …
Yes, of course I made sure. there is nothing with that same number, what I noticed just now was that the codec of the phone that was reported was in PCMU AND PCMA, I changed it and placed it as most of the extensions that are registered.

NOTE: Sorry if I don’t write well, I speak Spanish. I’m learning English
Thank you!


don’t worry, I speak Italian and use the translator.
The use of the speed dial is simple and it can’t not work, compare the picture I put underneath, if it doesn’t work the problem is not on the speed dial but on the outgoing routes or various permissions.

No te preocupes, hablo italiano y uso el traductor.
El uso de la marcación rápida es simple y no puede no funcionar, compara la imagen que pongo debajo, si no funciona el problema no está en la marcación rápida sino en las rutas de salida o en varios permisos.


Everything is equal to the image,
I think he is right that the problem is not speed dialing, I paste the image of my exit route configuration, I think that is not the problem, as I said at the beginning, speed dial 10, 4 is not complete.

It must be an infrastructure problem, because the same thing happens, the calls are cut, I have consulted with the suppliers of the lines and everything seems to be fine.

Tutto è uguale all’immagine,
Penso che abbia ragione nel dire che il problema non è la composizione veloce, incollo l’immagine della mia configurazione del percorso di uscita, penso che non sia questo il problema, come ho detto all’inizio, la composizione rapida 10, 4 non è completa.

Deve essere un problema di infrastruttura, perché succede la stessa cosa, le chiamate vengono tagliate, ho consultato i fornitori delle linee e tutto sembra andare bene.


you put “internal” privileges and it’s no good, try “national.”
As a second test, create a test rule with “_x.” and national.

pones privilegios “internos” y no sirve de nada, prueba con “nacionales”.
Como segunda prueba, crear una regla de prueba con “_x” y nacional.