Specific Times to Send Voicemail to Email


Now that I’ve gotten the voicemail to email sending working, thanx to this forum.
I looked quite a bit but don’t see how to invoke that process only during certain times.
ie. send voicemail to email from 6pm to 8am.
again, appreciate any help.


it seems to me that there is no option to limit the sending of the email only in a time range,
receive the message and he sends immediately (if SMTP is correct).
In my view it is correct, the email is sent immediately, then it is up to the user
consult your mail when you wish.


IMHO it would be a basic setting to be able to enable or disable the feature to send the voicemail to email during certain times only.
If the office is manned and people are there, there’s no reason to send the email.
Just my opinion, seems pretty common sense to me… but… again… just spouting… =)
thank you for your response, truly appreciated.


you had expressed yourself wrong, and I understood worse,
then the problem must be solved before the voicemail is answered,
just make sure that the voicemail answers only in certain time ranges.