Sound Issue using GAC2500 and GVC3202 via Bluetooth using Skype


Hi there,

The company recently bought a GAC2500 and GVC3202.

We connected both devices via Bluetooth. And here problem comes. The user using the GAC hear interferences with the call using skype and the user in the other way (cell phone or PC) hears his own voice.

We tried connecting the GAC and the GVC and the problems dissapears, but we need the connection via Bluetooth.

I tried also changing the Audio priority from “Auto” to “Bluetooth” but the problem persists.

thanks in advance.


When you connect the GAC and the GVC with a USB cable, the GAC becomes a dumb dialer, it loses all its features since now is simply an extension (“better speaker/mic”) of the GVC. Via Bluetooth it keeps all its features, so you have to be aware when using Bluetooth of which account (from the GAC or the GVC) is being used when dialing from the GAC.

Since you mentioned Skype, you will have to make the call from the GVC so the echo doesn’t happen, since it looks like the echo was because the GAC and the GVC were in the same call but independently.


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