Some issues with wifi lost signal

  1. If the signal is lost, Wi-Fi does not end the call, the phone continues to call
  2. If the battery is discharged - does not complete SIP-session. The phone disconnected, and the session with the PBX remained open. Third-party models support this functionality.



Yes I believe this is the current behavior. The good thing about this is that if the signal recovers the call will continue. Do you feel the device should drop the call right away when signal is poor or completely lost?

Could you please explain this requirement in detail? Should the phone send BYE to the SIP session before battery is completely discharged?


  1. The device should warn with an audible signal about unstable communication. And when signal is lost the call must be terminated after some time.
  2. Same situation, the phone must warn of a low charge value, and at a critical value, complete all calls and turn off.


I agree that the WP800 should not leave active calls on the system when it’s about to shut down.



We noted this feedback and will try to improve the design.



I don’t have seen this problem happen with WP800 unit … I daily reboot the WP800 unit…