<SOLVED>UCM6100 terminates in/out going calls at abt 30 seconds (Freephoneline)


Hello every one.
2 days ago my system started drop calls in 30 sec. No changes on the network. I have tried couple things, but no luck. The company i purchased this system not exist any more. Please help to make this system working.
System UCM6104 V1.6A


Do a search of the forum as this is a NAT issue 99% of the time. It is also best to start a new thread as the one you posted to is nearly 3 years old.


Thank you for reply.
I did found the solution for my issue.
Is SIP ACK on Rogers modem was on. I did disable this future and all came back to normal. No more problems with calls.


In my case lstutesman’s solution solved the problem in UCM6202. Thank you.