(SOLVED) Recover GXP1610 with disabled web access and locked menu


One of our clients has a GXP1610 with web access disabled and configuration via keypad Menu in “locked mode”.
We need to reconfigure the terminal, but we cannot enter the GUI, and because the menu is locked, we cannot do a factory reset either.
Is there any other way to reset the device?


This is asked quite often, have a look at this thread


Worked great!

for someone who founds this topic:
Set up a cable between your pc and computer. Start a tftp daemon with a DHCP option 66 on your computer and put the appropiate mac.cfg file inside root of the tftp.


apart from the proposed solution, if I’m not mistaken you can provision from zero config, the credentials will be replaced on the phone.



Isn’t that the same as the method proposed?
Zero config is downloading a custom configuration at boot. Keep in mind that with locked menu & disabled web access you can’t even know if DHCP is enabled or the phone’s IP.


Thats right but only if you have a UCM.