[Solved]GXP2160 - how to clear call history


I have GXP2160 with latest firmware ( [] ). I can’t clear call history. I have tried to do it by using phone menu, webgui and restoring factory settings. Webgui shows “can not delete call history” and factory settings option didn’t help… I restored everything exept call history and MPK keys.

Call history has 500 items.
How to delete it?


While its been awhile since I have had a 2160 on-hand, I think it is as easy as when the phone is idle, one of the softkeys in the display will indicate history. You can use the phone’s navigation keys in conjunction with the “history” softkey to enter the history to examine various history types (missed, out, in) and select a given number for redial as well as there being options to delete one entry of all the history.


There are two softkeys in history: “Delete” and “Clear all” - none of them worked - I can click it and nothing is happening… I tried it in “answered”, “dialed”, “missed”…


Did this only show in the version of software you are running? Have to tried to regress? Just a thought…


Thanks! I downgraded firmware to and now history is empty!
There’s probably a bug in latest firmware… when history has 500 items it cannot be cleared.


You might move up to 9.127, as it may narrow down the version where the issue was introduced. I also wonder if the history had not been 500, if the 9.135 firmware would have cleared. Additionally, can you advise that if at 500, did the history maintain the latest 500 entries or did it stop logging once the first 500 were logged.


It stopped logging after 500 entries on 9.132 firmware. After that I upgraded to 9.137 and it didn’t help.
I’m going to upgrade to 9.127 and i will try to make 500 entries :slight_smile:


Hmm interesting, to me the 500 entry limit seems to be somewhat of a bug as I suppose users are not getting a warning that the history is nearing capacity and even if it were, who wants to delete entries one-by-one and the delete all option seems to be overkill if I may still have a need to look at any past entries. I had though that the logging would simply wrap-around and automatically overwrite the earliest entry with the latest.


OK - Now I think it’s not a bug - I have other GXP2160 with 9.132 firmware - all of them have 500 entries in history and after every call the earliest entries are deleted.
Thank you for your help