[SOLVED] GWN7610 Very Slow Since Yesterday


Hi everyone, my GWN7610 has been great for the past four years almost, yesterday it started acting up.
Wireless clients are very slow, many disconnects throughout the day.
I reset the unit via the UI (which is painfully slow as well, each page take a minute to load) to no avail.
How do I troubleshoot this? how do I access logs? is it possible to connect to it to see cpu usage etc?
i’m on latest firmware,
I don’t know what else I can do, resetting it didn’t help.


Maybe check reports and see which client is using a lot of bandwidth?
Possibly change channels to a lesser used one.
How many clients are online? Possibly change key to filter out any rogue clients.


Thanks Avidcomm for the input, I’ll check those things out.
Does anyone have any idea how to I can review internal logs?


Figured it out, for some odd reason it is the PoE injector I’m using, been working fine for years, it does power up the unit, but for some reason communication is terrible, very high pings, clients reconnect non-stop.

I connected to another PoE switch I have and now all is well.


Maybe PoE injector do not supply enough power in peak time.


I don’t think so in my case, I use the access point at home with maybe 3-4 devices connected to it. The PoE injector worked fine for several years, only recently it started acting up.
So far with another PoE switch everything is back to normal. I’m using a 7664 right now.