[Solved GVC 3200 does not work properly with presentations when using HDMI-out-3


I have a GVC 3200 video conference equipment.

We connect the HDM1 output from the camera, to a monitor.
The HDMI 2 output from the camera to a video capture device to a PC
The HDMI 3 output from the camera to a projector

The HDM 1 input is connected to a computer, to share the screen

We enter presentation mode, so that the output of the computer is seen by the output HDM1.

We can do that only once. When we want to take the video from the camera again, pressing “presentation” in the control, it does not take the camera image again.

If we disconnect any HDMI 3 output device, it works perfect.

Is there a problem, or consideration, that must be made regarding the HDMI 3 of the camera?

Software used: IPVideoTalk
Firmarware: latest stable version
Hardware: We do not use the equipment’s microphone. It’s just video via the camera. Computer with Windows 10 or Linux, projecting a PowerPoint.



To work properly HDMI 3 must be connected HDMI 2 AND HDMI 1.

Due to problems with the capture in HDMI 2, it is disconnected.

We put another computer on HDMI 2, with the monitor on HDMI 1 and it works properly.