Softphone per windows


considering that there is no Softphone for windows on GS, what do you use for windows?
I have tried many of them but almost always just blind transfer and not with warning.


Bria/XLite works (although XLite has been discontinued) and Zoiper.
I believe Grandstream are working on their own Desktop application at the moment.


Most of them you need to license to get the attended transfer etc. Bria or Zoiper seem to be pretty solid on Windows as far as an application goes.


hi @simon.richardson, thanks, unfortunately I tried them and I don’t like them, too many limits on the free.
suspended x-lite? what do you mean? I found it and installed it.
I read that GS (finally) is thinking of creating a desktop sw, but it will take 6 months / a year, and I can’t wait


Xlite has started coming up with Expiry messages (if updated to the latest version) and stops working when the date is reached. They are now pushing their Bria pay monthly services which is a shame as XLite if great.

Once the new GS Desktop app comes out it would be worth looking at it but in the meantime if you have XLite working then its a great softphone.


I find Zoiper much better than Bria / X-LITE
In any case, I found very many.
One that I recommend to everyone to try is Draytek Softphone (free), stopped since 2012 but if you have no pretensions it works correctly and has blind and assisted travel.


I like the Draytek products, never used the softphone though.


Try this
It works with all the SIP servers I’ve tired (3CX, UCM, Vodia) and attended transfer works



yes thanks I have tried this too, okay but I’m not thrilled.
Besides, you cannot professionally propose Grandstream and then you give it the 3CX softphone :slight_smile:


Besides, you cannot professionally propose Grandstream and then you give it the 3CX softphone

You’re right and its not easy finding a full featured softphone, especially one that can do an attended transfer.
The issue really is GS don’t have a desktop softphone for Windows/Mac/Linux. As you say using another softphone does raise the issue of branding and it is not acceptable to propose Grandstream hardware then use a non grandstream softphone. Hopefully GS will remedy this soon.

This is another option but the branding issue still remains


Hi Martin,

I also tried PortSip, not bad but incomplete, also if you look carefully it seems to have been abandoned, the version dates back to several years ago.
As I wrote above, although it is free, the Draytek softphone correctly manages the blind and assisted transfer.
I would have improved the Grandstream WebRTC and would have been an excellent alternative to a softphone (without installing anything, usable by any S.O. etc …)
only that currently WebRTC has several limitations:

  • DND does not display it correctly (the customer wants a quick view of the options)
  • does not display any active detours
  • does not even display any voice messages present.

An application either creates it and completes it or does not even create it, it looks like a WebRTC left in half, just like Infinity, another application left in half.
Then of course the customer is not satisfied and the installer turns to the competition.

@bvanmeter, hi Brian, I imagine and I hope you read as soon as possible what I wrote above, I could also be wrong … I just say my feeling.

I invite you to comment to those who agree with me, otherwise it remains an “unheard” request from GS.



I agree, implement WebRTC in full or give us a softphone for Windows etc…or ideally both. We need a softphone where the branding fits with the pbx…to do otherwise looks unprofessional.
In my long experience of GS they don’t seem to say anything when a product or project is dropped. Affinity is one you mention and I can add the GWN7000 to that.

Then of course the customer is not satisfied and the installer turns to the competition.

This is indeed a danger. As you know we also sell 3CX and have done for 11 years, almost as long as we’ve sold Grandstream. We’ve had to migrate a few clients from UCM to 3CX recently as the client could see the remote working options (apps, webclient) and ease of installation and use were superior to GS and wanted to move. I didn’t want to move them but I also didn’t want to lose a longstanding customer


good, you hit the point.
accept a virtual coffee :slight_smile:



I am currently using MicroSIP. Works for me.

But I totally agree with you. GS should finally provide a Windows client (of course, in addition to WebRTC).


thanks, I tried it but it has nothing professional and it is “horrendous” to be seen, the customer looks at the aesthetics very much.
I can tell you that I also tried “Phonerlite” “Linphone” but with little satisfaction :slight_smile:


Yes, if the look is important, then microSIP or PhonerLite is not the right one! :sunglasses:
Then I can not help, because visually really good-looking that also work I unfortunately do not know.

Like I said before: Grandstream finally release a Windows SIP client, please!


we wait, hoping it will be a wait of only a few months.


I went over a few of them yesterday and settled on

Very straight forward, most of the others try to look like a messaging application…



thanks @jdevora ,
yes I tried it, it’s not bad graphically and has shortcomings, if you look it’s not updated for several years, synonymous with abandonment.