Softphone in future



It would be nice in the future if Affinity would be like Wave and have softphone capability. For voice, video and chat.


Affinity is CTI not softphone.
We need wait for new program.


I know that Affinity is CTI rather then a softphone. Hence this being put as a request and “in the future”.

It would be messy having two applications one for CTI and one being a softphone. They might as well merge the functions together.


If you have softphone you not need CTI, and reverse. For me it make no sense to make it one ?


What I was trying to get at was that having one install of a Grandstream software for both CTI and softphone capabilities, for streamlined support etc. Similar to how Cisco Jabber works [I know that Cisco Jabber is a full softphone product] with its licensing (basic licence allows the end user to see calls and answer them however it would only route the calls via the desk phone. And advanced licence is for full softphone capacity for audio calls).


Oh noted, 1 file installation for both.