Softphone for Windows 10 to be used with grandstream


Dear All,

I have a great UCM 6202 and mobile app GSwave plus plenty of deskphones.

Now I need to know who successfully deployed softphone to work with grandstream for windows 10.


Zoiper licensed version or 3cx softphone used both successfully


I’m also using Zoiper.


Thank you guys I went through all your recommendations was very helpful.

Then I found this.

This PortSIP was no brainer and straight forward to install , configure and I was done.

Thankyou again.


and how do you use the 3cx softphone for Windows on a UCM recording if it is “closed at 3CX”?


of sw for windows you find thousands, Zoiper is one of the most common.
You can also take a look at this one (which works very well):

and these: (g729 free seems to me) (I haven’t tried it yet)


tried PortSip, simple but does not have some basic options like RPORT etc…


Hi older version 5 works I just tested version 6.0.26 and it also works


Okay, weird, I tried 6 and it didn’t work.


6 works like a charm.


Do not enable Tunnel use tunnel only if pabx is 3CX


We are using “Grandstream Wave” portal, directly from UCM, and it´s working very good.


second this the webrtc portal is pretty awesome. It even works on android phones/tablets.


It was no brainer and took less than a minute. I was up and running at remote sites.

Thankyou for PortSip