Soft Phone accessibility


hello dears
I’m visually impaired, i’m responsable for customer service,
after testing I found that Wave SoftPhone is not accessible with screen-reader, if you have experience about this will be greatful.

i’m searching for some ulternative soft-phone clients i could use instead of Wave
could you help me in this? in order to test its accessibility?

thanks very much


Dear user,

Thank you for using the Wave application! May I ask what device you are currently using? For example, what is the brand of the screen-reader? Could you kindly share some details about your requirements? Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


hello sir
i’m using windows OS,
already tried to use it with JAWS V2023, didn’t work with it; unable to answer / end call, even call name unreadable.
tomorrow will try to test it with another Screen-reader NVDA.

please, is wave developed by Java?

hopefully, we could fully navigate it via keyboard / label elemints & add ability to create keyboard shortcut for main functions needed in call center in order to use it.

thanks very much


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! I have shared your suggestions and feedback with our Wave development team today. We will investigate this feature request internally based on your suggestions. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


hi, would you please share keyboard shortcut which available on wave disktop version on windows?

and hopefully you help us and improve its accessibility with screen-reader.



Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! You can go to our Wave Desktop User Guide and search “Keyboard Shortcut” key words, then you will see the shortcuts list:

For the accessibility feature request, it is still under internal investigation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


dear GS_Support

thanks for your reply.

would you please update shortcut table in user guide to be read by the blind who use a screen reader?
you type shortcut function but keyboard shortcut keys appear inside picture / art
which is impossible for us to read
it’s simple term of accessibility sir.

and hopefully add shortcut for call transfer as well.

awaiting shortcut list please.



Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! I will contact our documentation team to update those shortcuts from picture to letters. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Hello @GSSupport74,

I thought perhaps suggesting that visually impaired users would be able to use the PDF of the manual instead of the HTML. I am certainly glad that I decided to look at the PDF first.

For the Keyboard Shortcut section table, the PDF is absolutely useless. It is obvious that someone converted the document to PDF and failed to proof-read the PDF. This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.

Also in the Keyboard Shortcuts -> Message -> Send Message
What does that mean? ? ? ? ? ?



Hello @IbraamNasif

I have helped a friend that is visually impaired, so I thought I would try to help you with the Keyboard Shortcuts in Grandstream Wave. Following is the list of Keyboard Shortcuts in simple text form. The line that does not have an equal sign is a section heading line. The shortcut lines have the action description then an equal sign and then the keys to press.

Excerpt from Wave Desktop – User Guide Version 1.5.4

Keyboard Shortcut

Wave desktop supports performing many actions quickly by using keyboard shortcuts. These are the keyboard shortcuts and the actions that they correspond to. To open the list of keyboard shortcuts, please click on your profile picture, and choose “Keyboard Shortcut” from the list.

The plus sign in the shortcut indicates that multiple keys need to be pressed at the same time.

Display Keyboard Shortcuts = ctrl + .
Open Filter = ctrl + shift + f
Open a New Chat = ctrl + n
Open Help = F1
Export Logs = ctrl + shift + l
Close or Exit = esc

Open the Chat Tab = ctrl + 1
Open the Contacts Tab = ctrl +2
Open the Call Tab = ctrl +3
Open the Meeting Tab = ctrl + 4
Open the Application Tab = ctrl + 5

Search Current Chat = ctrl + f
Enter Compose Box = alt + shift + 2
Attach File = ctrl + o
Edit Last Sent Message = ctrl + up arrow
Send Message = user can select to be either
enter (shift + enter to start another line)
shift + enter (enter to start another line)

Calls and Meetings
Toggle Mute = ctrl + shift + m
Temporarily Unmute = long press space
Display Shared Toolbar = ctrl + shift + space
Invite Participants = ctrl + shift + p
Open Meeting Chat = ctrl + shift + m
Speed Dial = ctrl + shift + e
Answer = ctrl + shift + h


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Please refer to the screenshot below. This shortcut means when users set the shortcut for “Send Message”, users can select the shortcut setting from one of the options on the drop-down menu.


Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Thank you!


Thank you for providing the clarification that the Wave user can select which way it works. I do not use Wave so I could not look at that screen. I strongly recommend that the documentation be changed to indicate that the Wave user can make a selection and which is the default.



Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! I have informed our documentation team to fix that issue. I believe they will improve it in the document soon. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!