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With 36 wifi access points currently being deployed in numerous interconnected sites, we have opted for them managed via the grandstrem cloud; however and although the network support is perfectly set up, only two access points are online out of the already 9 that we have integrated in the cloud.
Worse still, adding some access points that have previously been removed from the cloud generates error messages like, “The access point is not accepted in the account” or “Add error” see the attached captures.
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Make sure the APs are on (preferably) the most current firmware or at least the minimum supported firmware. Then factory reset the AP. Note it can take a bit for the AP to connect once it does a factory reset.

Also make sure the firewall is not blocking the AP outbound traffic (sorry I do not know what the port(s) are).


If they was locally management then you need transfer them to cloud (option in AP) or FR as @drostoker write.


And thank you for your contribution;
We have opted for the prior update of the firmware of the access points, and although extremely slow a third point is online.
We have also added the 4 long range access points provided in the network.
We believe, however, that the other points that the Cloud no longer admits in our network are those which at one time were mistakenly removed from the network because of this sluggish update.
Despite the factory reset on these devices, the refusal message persists during any new attempt to add to the network.
We await your contribution for their integration into our network
Thank you for your contribution


Thank you
They have not been managed locally and it is the slowness of the firmware update that led us to mistakenly remove them from the cloud.


I suggest you open a support ticket with Grandstream