So, what's up with this beta test?


It’s been a few weeks now. We had only 1 firmware update.

The device is stable, works very well and all required features are working properly.

So what now?


If it AINT broke dont fix it !


My point exactly. The device could be released as official IMO.


At least one of my distributors in the US has stock. They are also showing a new model GSC3505 as “coming soon”. Not sure what the difference is.


In Canada, both my distributors have no news.

The difference is that the GSC3510 is a 2-way device (speaker + microphone), the 3505 is a 1-way only (speaker).




Well, I ordered a 3510 and received it last night. I had not really paid any attention to it pending it being officially released, but either I am now an unofficial, unwitting member of a beta test or by it being in GA (general acceptance), it is “released” for purchase by all.

I only opened the box, as I was surprised by the weight and size. I had no concept of its physical size, but I may have a client with an application, so I thought I would get one in to see what if I can make it applicable to their needs (video inter-active distance learning for a school district).


Yeah, we were all surprised by the size of it. Pretty huge but it feels solid and not cheap, at least.

I don’t know how you managed to get it, maybe since you are a reseller. Can @grandstream tell us if the Beta is technically over?

By the way, nice project for the speaker! I think it might help with your needs! Just be aware that the AUX INPUT is limited to LED light and Push-button. Useful for an intercom but that’s all.


I am a reseller, but while I might expect the product to be in the pipeline and at distributors, keep in mind that the transit time from the AP to a port of entry in the US is 3 to 4 weeks, then add another 1 to 2 weeks to clear customs and truck to the distributors. This means these devices were shipped 4 to 6 weeks ago and possibly more.

I am used to TL9000 standards with an official release to GA whereupon sales can then be conducted to whoever the device was conceived, designed and produced for the market need…to include resellers. They may have air-freighted the initial Beta units to get units into test, while production was following on. At my prior company, we would do this, but the feedback from the Beta may have caused some changes to the production runs, so mass scale production was usually delayed pending some results and then a review by engineering, manufacturing, procurement and marketing before a release to production. If we had to, due to commitments, we would lease 747’s freighters to get the product to the US for distribution, as some commitments had penalties if we missed deadlines. We had to declare GA as then we had to track and report both hardware and software/firmware failures.



Thank you for your patient.

As if right now, GSC3510 is still on the Beta stage and we don’t have any clear timeline when this device will be out for GA. It’s up to the management team to decide it.

We are still working on the next stable firmware that included more features/bug fixes, so, for now, we are still welcoming any feedback regarding current firmware v. on GSC3510.

Meanwhile when we are working on the next stable firmware, please help us to do more testing on the current firmware and please post any feedback/bug/future request that you think it will help us to improve GSC3510 in the future.

Thank you,