SMTP Client with Office365 and Gmail


Hi, has anyone got this working with Office365 or Gmail?

I either have a sign in issue (534) or none with deferred… both result in the email not sending.

MTA is useless now unless you have SPF and DKIM in the email (DKIM isnt possible, SPF would be, but could be resolved by using client mode which doesnt seem to work…!)


I had this settings working on my UCM using Office 365:

SMTP Server:
Use SASL: yes
Username/Password: email/password
Encryption: yes


What version firmware? as “encryption” isnt a setting i am seeing…



I have this working on And I have 2-Factor Authentication on Office365.

Here is my setup


That was my exact config! Encryption is called “TLS”, sorry.


We switched all our UCMs over to AWS SMS SMTP service. Haven’t had a problem and haven’t looked back.


Not familiar with this. Can you provide more info and/or link.



Sure thing. And I meant AWS SES SMTP, not SMS. Slip of the fingers.


Have read this, it appears to have the security concerns i thought it would when it was mentioned.

The SPF DNS record needs to be updated on the origin domain for this to work, it would also fail the DKIM check on the receiving server, both SPF and DKIM are the main issues when not using the authoritative SMTP server for sending emails. I havnt read the whole white paper so they may have a DKIM section in the config, however there arnt many services ive seen on line allow DKIM settings.


The service itself can be used without those things. I may have given you a less than great link. If you have an AWS account, go look it up there.


We reviewed the account, after the latest security breech from Amazon (which actuially wasnt a breech, it was a system put in by design Amazon didnt tell anyone about) it might explain why they appear to be offering some services free, they are also asking for a credit card for there free service.

Based on the questionable “security breech” (which wasnt a breech, Amazon did it by design) and the fact they ask for a payment method for a free service we can not proceed with using them.


Well, as I said, “if you have an AWS account.” So, no. :slight_smile:


They require a credit card because even free services have a limit. They call it the Free Tier. Anything beyond that will be charged.

See :