SMS "Switch" not clear


The “Switch” button on the firmware SMS screen is not clear what it is until you press it. Maybe it’s in the manual, but our QA person assumes end users never read manuals, so she doesn’t either. :slight_smile:



As you already know, the “Switch” button is for switching the account from which account you want to send the SMS. Do you any preference word to replace the “Switch”? Will it be better if we replace it with “Switch Account” or “Swap Account”?



Yes, it’s hard to say exactly what it should be, but it wasn’t clear at first to our tester what it meant until she pressed it. Just something to think about for now, I guess. “Switch Account” might be too long for the screen. Maybe just “Account”?



I just get the latest update about this issue, we already decided to replace the “Switch” to “Account” like your suggestion in the next firmware release.



I can read your mind! :slight_smile: Thanks.