SMS support on PBX and phones?



So we have a client who wants a Grandstream solution (PBX and Phones) but they also want to be able to send texts from their phones. Is this possible to do with grandstream and what equipment/configs would we need to do it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


not fun at all, from the non android phones its old style instant messaging, pressing each key until you get to the letter, i tried several solutions, ultimately the customer goes with an inhouse IM solution. Even tried bria softphones for IM and calling each other, but a little confusing for most people.
the gs wave for your cell is a bit better to IM each other, but desk phones are a no go


Buy android one, it have full keyboard on screen.


On the GXV3380 - how do you enable the messaging ? I have it all working my PBX… can text in/out via Acrobits Groundwire softphone… nothing on the GXV3380


SMS program - this should work.