SMS conversations do not show messages (


Hello, I have GS Wave successfully configured to receive calls and SMS. However, when I go into any conversation it does not immediately show the individual messages. It only shows a little chat bubble icon. if I scroll the screen up or down the message appears. Is this a sort of graphic-rendering bug? Has anyone else seen this?


Yes, I have this problem too.
Any ideas?
Once I managed to expand a message, but later not.

I have an iPhone with iOS 12.1.3 and GS Wave

Here is a screenshot:


If I tap the text entry field and the keyboard appears, that reveals the last received message (but not the second last) and sometimes earlier messages.
So at least there is a (partial) workaround.


I was able to scroll down on the chat window and it refreshes everything as I scroll back up. Give that a try.


That is not possible when there is only one or two messages. But on a long thread it seems to work.