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3 problem from start:

  1. When you receive SMS it is only Chinese (i guess) - whatever it say.
  2. There is no notification that you have missed SMS.
  3. There is no reply for incoming SMS, you need make new SMS.



Thanks for your feedback, we noted this issues.

Can you clarify more on #3 issue?
We can reply the incoming SMS by opening Message -> Open the SMS -> Go to the bottom bubble and type your reply.



If you not told me that is possible then i would never guess it.
You need go to bubble (2 account so THERE is message there) and push middle button to enter and reply.
I really doubt anyone can guess it.
Instead of “sent through ACCOUNT NAME” there should be “Answer here” or something like this. By default you will use same account as it come no need to inform me of this.



Yeah, there is not very clear how to reply the SMS because of the “sent through Account Name”.
We will change the words on the bubble to “Answer here” or “Reply here”.



Also please remove that i need “enter” bubble to answer. Just hanging on this field must activate possibility to response. There is no other function for field so no need to confirm anything.



We will note your recommendation.