Slow and Laggy GXP 2170s



We’ve had some serious problems with the GXP 2170s. They will often become lagged and unusable without a restart. Here is a video of the problem. I’m attaching a video of the experience because it best conveys the problems we are experiencing. Have any of you experienced these issues, and what did you do about it? Is this a firmware problem, we are running, a relatively recent update. With a device dubbed as being “High-end”, it seems these issues shouldn’t be plaguing us.

I have read that there is a way to restart the phone from the PBX every night, and have played around attempting to get that to work, but haven’t had total success. Do I need to look back into that, or is there another cause for our problems?

We’re provisioning our phones via the endpoint manager from FreePBX, is it possible that an incorrect p-code could be causing this?

If you watch the video, you will see that we took a packet capture of the event. I’m worried about sending personal information, so if that will help diagnose the problems, I can send that over PM or email.

2160 and 2170 one way audio

I had a similar issue on 2140s a while back that involved the system being using a remote vpn on the network.

Basically the network had its own internet connection and that’s what the phones used . The moment someone used their pc to connect to the home office via their vpn it would start a progression of slowness on all phones on the network that would only be resolved with a reboot of the phone which would just start the progression over.

They ended up rebooting every monday morning to give the phones a fresh start. These were grandstream phones on a nonGrandstream PBX.

Never did figure it out exactly, but when we switched to a new PBX the issue went away.

The only other time I had a phone get super slow it was a RMA issue as no amount of rebooting would correct it.


Hmm. We do have a vpn set up on the network. But I don’t think there is a connection in its usage and the lagging of the phones. How did you go about determining that connection on your network?

Did you run a script from your pbx that restarted the 2140s, or was it done manually?


It was a connection that wasn’t always on and we just realized that when they didn’t use it the phones had no issue. Once we realized the potential connection between the two we started to monitor how bad it got based on how often it was used and started to reboot when it got bad.


For us, do you think we’re seeing a phone problem, or a network problem?


No idea, I’d open a ticket.


Unless there is some form of an attack on the phone that is causing it to use its resources monitoring and reacting to the data, then it would seem to be a phone issue.
You should be able to use a power supply (if using PoE) and then disconnect the network cables (both PC and LAN) and then wait a minute or so and then see is the menu buttons continue to be as non-responsive as they are.

Is the web interface also non-responsive?

You might also be able to do a packet capture at the phone and see what network data is destined for the phone.

Nevertheless, a ticket may still be a good idea as it may be something about your environment that GS needs to know in order to improve the product in future firmware/hardware releases.


I have similar issue with 2160 and 2170 , no VPN no SIP only L2 Lan. My devices also need reboot to work


Is your problem with the GXP 2170s resolved?
I have similar problems with the GXP 1625.
Technical support Grandstream passed the problem to the developers, but there is no solution yet.