SLA with Outbound routes not working together


Dear all,
I have UCM 6510 in which outbound route via analog trunks work well, but when configuring SLA on GXP2130 and dial the same outbound route it replies me that i dialed a wrong number (480 unavailable),
can u help please to solve my issue


SLA need a lot work, you must program it strictly with SLA description.
But i advice do not use it all. Why you need it at all ?


Thanks Marcin for your replay.
(SLA Station)
Not that much configuration, i try it and it works for the Secretary ip phone, just press BLF button (2002_FXO_1) and dial pstn number (works fine.)
But at the same time. when another user try to call pstn number via (FXO_1) analog trunk it replies with fast busy signal (480 unavailable).
When BLF button removed from the Secretary phone, the same user dials out via the FXO_1 analog trunk successfully.

Hope the issue is now clear, if you can help with a solution.



SLA remove line from UCM, that’s why i say not use it. As it is removed then it cannot be used bt anyone that not have it configured on phone (AFAIR).
There is really no need for using SLA function at all.