SLA with FXS? (Outbound/Inbound SLA routes?)


I’ve got a site with several SLA analog trunks. They’ve got a device on FXS1 that they’d like to be able to make and receive calls with. It’d be fine if it could use one trunk or outbound route to dial out, but would like all trunks to ring to it. I only had a few minutes to try today, but couldn’t get it figured out. Thanks for any tips!


if I have understood correctly you would like to receive the call of the incoming fxo to fxs, and outgoing fxs must engage fxo.
In my opinion I would avoid using SLAs, I would simply set the input and output rules.
Look at this manual:


Can you explain more about the SLA trunks? SLA in our parlance is “shared line appearance”. Also it might be helpful to know what the “device” is on FXS1. The FXS ports can only handle one call at any given time, so the point of having all trunks ring to it is somewhat limiting.