Skype In GVC3200


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used Skype in GVC3200 for VC purposes?

As GVC is android and we have used Skype in Android Phones and it works well with one to one video conference.
we are able to add another participant while having VC with Android or iOS phones but its not possible from GVC Skype app.

is there a work around or application update that i can install to work with it?



You can add another, but you need use touchpad to bring menu.
Last time i used it, video was tragic. You have good video quality ?


touch pad as in GAC2500?? we were not able to add participants let alone the video quality


Skype version =

but in Playstore its already


GVC3200 have RCU with touchpad ??
You talk about GVC or GAC ???


Yes RCU has a touchpad. I was talking about adding participants to Skype.

Could you please share some video or screenshots of the same so that i could check on my end because it didnt show up on the installed Skype.



Normal Skype does not have conference i think ?
Not checked recently and no idea.