Skype for business integrate



How to integrate GrandStream ucm pbx with Lync. We want to make calls between Skype for Business app and ip phones like GXP1625 so on.



That’s a great guide.
We’ve did configurations on ucm pbx and Lync control panel by this guide. Now issue is

  1. How to create and add extension numbers for Skype for business app (Like ucm pbx create & add extensions and give them to ip phones).
  2. And how to call between Skype for business app to ucm pbx’s extension configured ip phones.



Call from ucm pbx’s extensions to Skype is successully. But
Grand stream ucm pbx’s extensions not receive calls from Skype for business.
Inbound route on ucm’s Lync trunk is
Default Destination: ‘By DID’
Strip: 0
Did Destination: Extension


This is wrong unless you have same account (login/name) in lynx and UCM.


To clarify sir, what about say account (login/name)? In skype, there is no account for their own extensions. They only got tel:1000, tel:1001 numbers. But ucm extensions have got Auth id and usernames.


In incoming INVITE from skype there will be info which number you want reach and there should be information what number was dialled.
By DID mean you check incoming INVITE for what was dialled. Then you must match it.
So if Skype sent 4digits there you need make pattern_xxxx and subtract 0, if there something else you need subtract or add digits for ending result must be extension in UCM.

For more info please check this document:


In my config:
Inbound route pattern is: _x.
do you think is it wrong.?


Maybe i do not know.
I have no idea what Lync sent to UCM so i cannot speculate what should be set.
You can try capture packets and share (with incoming call), you can sent this via PM if you do not want leave it open on forum…
For 100% you set it wrong :slight_smile: but no idea what you set wrong.


Problem was on softhone registered to ucm.
Plug in a ip phone instead of softhone, 2-way call can succesfully.