Skyetel Peer Trunk Configuration


Good evening everyone. I have a UCM6300A and having a fit trying to register to this provider. Does anyone have a config sample that they can share with me?


Peer trunks do not register.

A register trunk requires an interaction between the UCM and provider such that a set of credential must be provided by the UCM to authenticate its identity in order to use the providers resources.

A peer trunk only requires that the IP as seen from the UCM is the same as the provider has on record for the UCM. Of the IP matches, then you are good to go.

The advantage to the register trunk is that it does not require an IP match, so it more suitable for those that do not have a static IP. Additionally, it may offer the ability to know when a trunk is down sooner providing that the PBX has that monitoring and reporting capability.

The advantage of the peer trunk is that is requires less traffic and the initial message is accepted automatically provided the IP matches the AOR at the provider. However, in order to know that the trunk is down, the qualify/heartbeat function must be enabled and the provider must support it. If not, then the only way to know is when calls no longer ring-in and calling out fails.