SIP Trunk configuration with PATTON SN


I have formely configured a PATTON SN4120/1BIS2V on NAVAN CNX2262G2 FOR a T0 line and it’s still working as at now in Ivory Coast. Actually i am to configure another T0 Line (5numbers behind) through i fiber Box and connect it to an UCM 6202;

First question : Do i connect the network cable coming from the port ETH0 of PATTON to the same switch as the UCM LAN port or i must connect it on UCM WAN port?

Second Question: What is the right SIP TRUNK mode ( Peer Trunk or Register Trunk) when creating the new SIP TRUNK;

third question: Actually the state of the Peer Trunk i created is Rejected in Red. HOW DO I SOLVE IT?

Fourth question: I don’t Know how to test wether my configuration on the PATTON side works or not?

  1. WAN, but depend on UCM(route/switch/dual ? and network configuration.
  2. Peer usally or register if gateway do not have it.
  3. Maybe patton cannot reply to quality (option) packet. Turn off it in UCM.
  4. Catch packet on WAN and check if you see invite packet from patton to UCM.