SIP TLS WITH gxw 4008


hello evryone,

please, i can’t configure the Gateway FXS 4008 with TLS . can someone help me and confirm if thid product support the tls .



did you look here?

The GXW400X features 4 or 8 port FXS interface for analog telephones, dual 10M/100Mbps network ports
with integrated router, PSTN life line in case of power failure, and an RS232 serial for administration. In
addition, it supports the option of 3 SIP Server profiles, caller ID for various countries/regions, T.38 fax,
flexible dialing plans, security protection (SIPS/TLS), comprehensive voice codec including G.711 (a/u-law),
G.723.1, G.726(16/24/32/48 bit rates), G.729A/B/E and iLBC.


hi damiano

thnkx for you response, I tried avery thing but the ip number doesn’t connected with TLS :frowning:


that is an “EOL” Product so either it does or it doesn’t, make sure anyway before updating the FW. I think it does.