Sip Skype error on UCM 62xx


Hi all, Thanks in advance for your time and the help that you can give me.
I’m trying to configure a UCM 6202, I have a SIP profile with Skype, but the profile doesn´t connect.

I off course have: Provider address, user name=Authenticate ID, password. The UCM is behind my firewall, the UDP port 5060 is open on my firewall and I have the UCM IP as DMZ host. But finally the SIP never connect, the message on dashboard is rejected.

Someone can help me please? In this forums and internet, I still can’t find information.



Skype has a proprietary protocol, it’s not SIP, why do you expect it to connect?


Hello damiano70, thanks for your answer, God bless you,
Yes, as I told, I have a SIP account with Skype, I can see the compatibility on… (In this list is Grandstream).


Catch packets if this is SIP (Ethernet capture). See server reply.


Thanks Marcin, I will get it on LAN.


you do not have to do open up any ports on your firewall your ucm is the cleint it is sending out the request and thus creates a new connection the response from skype server will be returned on an already established connection so there is no need to open ports … ensure your enable keep alive ticked on the ucm


Thank U so much, I tried to do the IP authentication and I was able to connect, I hope update the configuration process as soon as posible.