SIP provider different from ISP, how could i let my UCM communicate with both



Hi All,
I am new to VOIP so forgive me if it is a silly one.
i have a UCM6116, connected to my local network, and i have a router from SIP provider, which doesn’t provide internet.
now all my equipment IP’s are in the range of the SIP router. and all is working fine.
now I am asked to configure a remote extension (GSwave).
I have another router that has internet and a public IP.
what should i do? and how can i make the UCM communicate with the Internet router for remote extension.



Thanks for the help, but that was not what i am looking for.
I know how to configure a remote extension.
my problem is that my internet is on one router, while my SIP service is on another router.
in other words, i need my UCM6116 to have two IP addresses, with two different gateways, unless there is another solution for this.


you have to manage that yourself at the routing level, be careful not to do double nat or VoIP will only have problems


It depends on the network mode set in the UCM and how you have the system and network configured. I assume you have PCs in the network and they are using the other router?

Are you certain that the other device is a router, or is it an ISR (integrated service router) or perhaps a SBC? Are all devices on the same LAN subnet? You may need to set a static route in the UCM to point traffic where needed, but it really depends on what you have now so any suggestions know the starting point.