SIP Profiles


DP752 supports up to 4 profiles for 10 SIP accounts. A profile can be used with different SIP accounts this means is limited at 4 different SIP Providers.
It’s any possibility to increase in config up to 10 profiles ?


This sounds unreasonable.

What person/company has more than 4 sip service providers tied to one device?


I thought the same.


Well, not to be inflammatory, but that shouldn’t really be your problem, right? Why would anyone want to buy an $85,000 car whose only purpose is to win 1/4 mile races (the Dodge Charger Demon).

Well, that’s not really your problem. If someone wants to do that, and the car is capable of doing that, and they’re willing to pay for it, then that’s their business.

I support the phone having as many SIP accounts as possible, because you never know when you might need to test something. Or you might want to run multiple companies with different providers. Or, if you’re a geek, you might want…well, whatever.


The Voip Service Provider :yum::yum:


you’re partly right, but consider that a Base Dect that supports up to 5 laptops I think it has sufficient resources to meet the characteristics for which it was intended.
Even Ferrari may have defects, can certainly not please and satisfy 100% of customers, if then rightly a buyer is willing to spend extra money … welcome, at which point they also make the 43-speed gearbox.
Grandstream I think tries to satisfy the current market, the offer in any company follows the request, probably has not received many requests in this regard.
Nothing prohibits applying to development.


as a voip service provider: nope!

but I see this is a sensitive subject.


We’re a VoIP service provider. We test a lot of things. It’s easiest to test with multiple SIP accounts. Be that as it may, if the limitation is just a software one, then I say remove the limitation. If the limitation is due to system resource availability, then there may be a reason to stop at 4, and then it it what it is.


you have 10 sip accounts on the device.
you can however have 4 Providers across those (profiles).

as a voip SP, you have what… one to three Voip platforms? why would you need more than 4 independent platforms across the 10 accounts on the device?

while I still vote its un-neded, I agree with you - if its a marketing restriction, open it up to 10 (or strip Profiles entirely, and make all sip settings unique for each of the 10 accounts). if its technical, providers who need more than 4 can buy a 2nd base.